Financial Risk Management

When it comes to the market, predicting the future is everybody’s goal, but there are no guarantees. To contend with today’s global environment and ever-increasing volatility, Bunge’s FRM group works with consumers and producers to develop market solutions.We offer a variety of programs designed and tailored to meet your needs. Together, we explore an approach to the market developing the program that satisfies your risk temperament and where you need to be to benefit your bottom line. We then provide a variety of innovative solutions to help you achieve your short and long-range goals.

We recognize that today’s market has changed. Let us help you deal with its complexities by creating innovative solutions that work for you.

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We invite you to contact our Financial Risk Management team to help you develop the right market strategies for your specific needs and operating plan. We’re here to answer your questions and start you on the path with innovative solutions and a personalized plan that will help you preserve your margins and meet your cost and pricing goals.